WordPress site optimization - Yoast SEO - WP Rocket plugin

One off the best WordPress site optimization plugin is Yoast SEO and the Wp Rocket plugin. WP Rocket is all about how to optimize wordpress website speed, Yoast is how to add seo to WordPress.

Because of the large selection of different types of plugins, your fantasy is often only the limiting factor when you start working with WordPress. You can not think of it as crazy or you can find a plugin with which you can. You have plug-ins for buttons that allow your visitors to easily share your articles on social media, photo galleries, forms, event calendars and even complete webshops. Before you know it, you have installed dozens of plugins.

WordPress site optimization - Yoast SEO - WP Rocket plugin

The problem with all these plugins is that your WordPress website will become slow, even if you have taken the most professional web hosting. A slow website is, of course, disturbing for your visitors. If loading the pages takes too long, the chances are that you will drop out earlier, go back to Google and continue looking for it.

The long loading times of your website are not only annoying for your visitors, but it is also bad for your ranking on Google. Google wants to give users of their search engine the best possible experience and therefore gives websites that quickly charge a dash.

By optimizing the loading times, you get an advantage over the competitors who do not pay attention to that or do not have the knowledge in-house. And everything indicates that the loading time of websites will become an increasingly important ranking factor for Google. Reason enough to make your WordPress website with website optimization faster!

WordPress site optimization - Yoast SEO - WP Rocket plugin

The Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is not a panacea that does the work for you. It is a supporting tool, with which you can improve many things. The optimization plugin assesses a significant number of factors of your web page.

Do not expect miracles, because, in the end, you have to make sure that the content is in order. The plugin is not going to bring you high in the search engines. However, it is an excellent tool that helps you to check various SEO factors, so that your content on these factors is in order or suggestions that you can improve it. And this plugin is good at that. With the knowledge and experience of my profession as a freelance SEO, I would like to give you some help to use this tool as well as possible.

There is a free version and a PRO version. If you are serious about Google keyword ranking, I suggest buying the Yoast premium version. Multiple focus keyword checking in the Yast premium version is a significant advantage. Google keyword ranking is never on one keyword. A webpage ranks in a topic. The topic contains several keywords.

Yoast Internal linking to different pages with the same subject is a great future. It keeps track of your pages and makes suggestions to have some internal linking. The structure of a website is essential for Google to read your site and also a ranking factor!

The premium version offers a lot more, read all about it on the Yoast site with helpful video's to get the best out of SEO website ranking.

WordPress site optimization - Yoast SEO - WP Rocket plugin

A fast website is no longer a luxury, but a pure necessity. Google now also takes into account the loading speed of your website when displaying the search results. A fast site keeps visitors on board rather than a visibly slow site. A slow website costs you customers, and a low ranking is a result.

Pagespeed insights is a new tool from Google to read the performance of the web page. Webpage performance has many aspects. Server loading time, Compressed CSS and Javascript, optimized images, where and when are the scripts are loading. Many of those aspects can be organised with the WP Rocket Plugin.

With the help of caching, a huge gain in speed is achieved if you are optimizing websites. Fast loading time is, of course, user-friendly and therefore also an important indicator of Google for determining the position shown. But what is WordPress caching?

When someone requests a webpage, this request will be forwarded to WordPress by the web server, after which a number of steps will be processed before the webpage is returned to the visitor. Picking up and compiling the page temporarily costs capacity on the server. With large amounts of visits, this may cause a considerable load on the server, which could result in delays.

Composing is repeated for every call from the same page, which means that WordPress, again and again, has to make some effort to build the same page. If two different visitors both retrieve the page www.jimthefreelancer/index.php it is also compiled twice. It is precisely the repeated retrieval of the same information that we can prevent with caching. By means of caching, we store the result or parts of the result in a temporary location. Making it accessible when it's called a second or third time.

WordPress site optimization - Yoast SEO - WP Rocket plugin

Installing the WP Rocket plugin, like most WP plugins, was a breeze. Configuring too. I have chosen the active settings. Not always this is recommended. With some sites the compression of javascript or CSS files can cause errors in the display. Before you set these settings, you have to read in carefully what the consequences may be and how you can solve that.

The WP Rocket plugin is wonderful "out of the box", the zipper click camera under the caching plugins. Also the fact that I do not have to install extra plugins to use all these new functions. LazyLoading of images and videos, make my thumb go up with this plugin. It is more than worth the purchase price of $ 39 (converted € 30).

WordPress site optimization - Yoast SEO - WP Rocket plugin

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