Mobile website design - WordPress AMP theme

WordPress AMP theme. It is clear, we now use a lot of smartphones and tablets to surf the internet. You must, therefore, ensure that your website will continue to look good on those devices. But how do you do that in practice?

In short, the method means that you have to include an additional style rule in your stylesheet for each component that has to look different when the screen becomes narrower or wider.

Mobile website design - WordPress AMP theme

With responsive design, the appearance of your website, therefore, adapts to the width of the screen. The content of your web pages does not change anything, it stays exactly the same for every screen width. But sometimes it is better to make a separate mobile version of your website.

It is possible that visitors who request your website with a smartphone are looking for entirely different information than the desktop or laptop users who visit your site.

In this case, you make two different websites. The pages intended for mobile browsers are placed in a separate folder within your site. Then you put a piece of script on your server that can see with which device a visitor calls your website. If this is a smartphone, the script sends this visitor to the mobile version of your site. But if he looks at your site on a desktop or laptop, he will see the regular version.

There are different amp WordPress theme on the market. The WordPress amp plugin that jumps out is AMPforWP. This plugin contains all the options you can expect. It is as if you have a WordPress version for AMP. A significant difference with other plugins is that it has its own amp framework. A framework as a basis gives you the possibility to quickly create a WordPress mobile site that is comparable to the desktop version of your website.

Mobile website design - WordPress AMP theme

By default, this plugin comes with different amp WordPress theme that you can easily customise. And almost the only accelerated mobile pages wordpress plugin, with an AMP page builder integrated. To give your Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress, even more, the look of your desktop site. All the themes have a mobile friendly SEO design!

To help you, its very easy to generate an amp page. Write content with all the links and optimised images. Got to the bottom of the page in WordPress to the AMP section. Find a button that is called " Copy content ". Press it, and all you created content is copied to the amp webpage. And there you are! You have just created an AMP page. The looks are according to the WordPress amp theme you have selected in the plugin settings. The content will be an exact copy of your desktop web page.

Or make use of the amp page builder. You will find it very easy to use it. Some themes are built with the amp page builder as an example. You can import them into the amp plugin and make them active. You can see live how your web page wants to look like. Adapt it too needs, replace the text and images. And there you go!

Mobile website design - WordPress AMP theme

Google AMP and mobile search engine optimisation are hot items since Google announced it as a ranking factor. A fast mobile website is lighter for the internet to transfer to your mobile device. And therefore a more significant user experience. Google also announced that the speed of your WordPress mobile site will affect your ranking position. A Google amp cache is, therefore, an option in this plugin. More about why your website needs to be mobile optimized in this article.

Because an AMP is intended as a static page, with AMP HTML, it is possible to load a document without having to render the page intensively. This means that Google (and other companies) can cache, pre-load and render the content. Google serves the content directly from the Google AMP Cache to provide a fast user experience.

When a visitor sees the AMP pages in the search results, Google has already loaded them in the background. This makes this mobile version of the webpage extremely fast. The Google AMP Cache contains validated AMPs that appear in the search results and ensure that mobile visitors have a fast user experience.

As a professional freelance WordPress SEO specialist, I have the experience that it works like a charm in combination with the cache plugin for WordPress, wprocket cache plugin.

You can validate amp pages at this Google site. Good to know is that your account on Google Search Console can find the Accelerated Mobile Pages report. This report is visible when Google has indexed your AMP version. In this report, you can also check whether your AMP pages contain errors and which ones they are.

Once you have created AMP pages and they are live, you obviously want to know how they perform. The special AMP Analytics tags exist for this.

Mobile website design - WordPress AMP theme

More information in depth about Google AMP is available on this website from the amp project.

Google intends to make its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology a standard for the web. AMP is another step towards the ultimate mobile user experience. We are becoming more and more mobile and actually expect increasingly faster websites. Development driven by Google. In response, sites are indeed continuously quicker and easier to use. In short, they just get better.

Make use of the possibilities to make accelerated mobile pages for wordpress and you are completely prepared for the future! There are only positive benefits.
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Mobile website design - WordPress AMP theme