Google ranking position - SEO tutorial

How to make your website appear on the first page of Google and how to get on google first page for free. The most important questions on the internet, how to have a first page Google ranking position! Learn how to make money with SEO and internet marketing.

If you like to have your site a high Google ranking position. Then you have to learn how to make a website appear first in google search results. It is dry stuff to read, but necessary if you like to hit on the first page!
The first things about op SEO are technical. It's just the way you how your website is built and if Google can read it easily. If you make a site in WordPress, it's a different start than plain HTML. WordPress is doing things for you. With HTML you have to program them yourself.

Google ranking position - SEO tutorial - Search engine ranking factors, how they work!

In both cases, it is important to have a good HTML/text ratio. This ratio has to be over 50% text or higher over the total page! I use an excellent tool for this to check the ratio and a few other basic SEO things. This tool is made by SemRush inc. and called SEO Quake.
This is one of the first affiliate marketing SEO tips, and the best advice to start with. Download and install it before you start to make your website. Learn the plugin, how it works and what it is telling you. You can test it on every website you'll find on the internet.

Go to the Diagnosis tab. Here you find all the basics that are technical critical. Make sure that all your flags are green. If you find any difficulties, contact me on social media or write me an e-mail.

If you work with WordPress, install the Yoast plugin at first. This plugin is also a great help. As an extension of the Yoast plugin, you can use the Quake plugin in your browser. The quake plugin is a bit more detailed and gives you more information.

The next and also a great tool you need is from this site You find all the tools here for your keyword research and keyword density. There are many, many things more to experimentation with it. You can explore them all for FREE. For me, the most important tool is the Keyword Density Analyzer.

You can measure how often your keyword is on your website or in your context. You can choose between a density from the hole page or just the body part. There is also a lot of information you like to read. Very interesting site to learn all about Google ranking position and Search Engine Optimization.

And now the most interesting thing is happening. You have all the tools how to make your website appear on the first page of google! Realy, it's not a joke. With these tools, you can build a website that is completely SEO friendly and "understandable" by Google. The tool that is missing for HTML programmers is to validate your HTML5 code. For that, I use a different kind of free tools because they do not validate all 100% exclusive.

Google ranking position - SEO tutorial - Search engine ranking factors, how they work!

Google reads a crawled website as a book. Yes, it's that simple! Imagine that you are in a library. You are searching for a book. Where do you look first. The spine of a book is the first thing you read. You take the book and read the front page. It starts with an H1 title followed by a short introduction. If it is interesting, you read the back. It starts with an H2 and a more extensive explanation where the book is about!

Then the inside, the first page. It starts with an H3 title and the starts to explain it self. As far as my knowledge goes, the H4-H6 are les/not important and can be used as you like. Somewhere Google likes to see the title in BOLD, Italics and underscored. Furthermore, the keywords have to show naturally into the content. The amount the keywords appear is checked with the Keyword Density Analyzer.

Oke, so far so good. To have a good percentage of keywords you need content. The content should be at least 1000 words. Somewhere in the google docs its written that Google likes pages with an average of 2000 words. I have not found any proof for that, and I'm still experimenting. This page will have at least the amount of words that Google suggest.

Another reason to have a large content is the HTML/text ratio. With a lot of text, this ratio will be easily more than 50%
And there we are on the subject of content.

Website design and first-page google are strongly related.

How to get on the first page of Google without paying is to follow and execute simple technical SEO rules. That's your basic to repeat for every website you are going to make.

There are a few more technical SEO rules to follow. Every page should have a "quote." Wikipedia is a free source to quote from. Furthermore, you should have a listing with your keywords. This is mine.

Google ranking position - SEO tutorial - Search engine ranking factors, how they work!

The connection between SEO and affiliate marketing can sometimes be hard to understand. In fact, if a site has a drop in the google listing, they often conclude that their affiliates are to blame. This is mostly caused by the bad reputation of an affiliate backlink. Many businesses on the web rank because of affiliate websites. Make therefore always your best affiliate site. Learn about SEO, and there is a chance that your ranking is higher than the business you are linked to!

I have told you all about technical Search Engine Optimizing. You can use it as your personal Google ranking factors SEO checklist. Many rules are just to follow and execute. Repeat what you have learned on your websites that you are building. If you like to make money, rather than to spend it, make a few affiliate websites. You can measure where you have to improve yourself. By making more affiliate pages, you become a higher internet status by Google. Your sites will rank higher and higher with each website.

Google first page guaranteed. No, but start to design. If you choose a category with less competition, let's say not more than 50.000 listings at Google. Yes, then you have a very good chance to hit the first page. Start low competitive and grow your way up. Keep the site simple to read for google. Make keywords that are unique.

To make a solid google backlink, create a YouTube channel. Make a nice video and upload it to your channel. Point it to your page on the internet. YouTube is far more easy to have a nice Google ranking position. It is taking the site higher in the ranking listing. Of course, make a Facebook page about your site, and a twitter account that points to you're a page. Make as many social media accounts as possible. Point them all to your website.

Google ranking position - SEO tutorial - Search engine ranking factors, how they work!

If you start designing a website, do it offline. Or, as I do, buy a cheap domain for this purpose. Make it NOINDEX for Google and other search machines. I find it a lot more easy to work this way. If I find a tool on the internet to check my website, I just need to pass the link to it. If you build offline, you have to copy and paste. That's less accurate and less realistic.

Seo strategies for affiliate marketing, I can be briefly. You do not need a strategy if you are not ranking. Of course, you can rank by other means. For example to make a facebook or any other social media campaign. That will work too. But those need extensive work and continuous attention. If a good SEO is applied, you can rest. Sit back, watch and learn. Improve the next affiliate website with your new knowledge.

A web page is going higher in ranking when it produces clicks. Google is registering that. If you at position 45, and you have one click, you go to position 40 ( as an example ). But when you start at position 14, and you get one click, you go to position 11.

The only strategy you should have is to rank on the first page of google. You will be visible on the internet, and your costumers will find you if you use the keywords that purpose the product that you are selling.

Build website's until website design and first-page google become the same argument.

Google ranking position - SEO tutorial - Search engine ranking factors, how they work!