Create a website – WordPress Seo professional – Web pages development

Create a website – WordPress Seo professional – Web pages development. How to build a website from scratch or hire an expert. Build a site quickly with the Genesis framework. Seo plugins for WordPress are helping to define a friendly content. Even pro’s make use of the Yoast SEO plugin.
But a Seo expert goes further than plugins can do!

The easiest way to create a website is to build it online. You can do this by installing a so-called Content Management System or short CMS. Many sites use a CMS like Wordpress to control and organise the content. Anyway, it's my favourite. It offers the possibility to manage the website online. By adding articles, creating menu structures and establishing templates.

Create a website - Wordpress Seo professional - Web pages development

Make sure that a theme is Mobile responsive so that it is suitable for all devices. Make sure that the WordPress theme meets your requirements. You have to think in advance what kind of webpage you like to make. Shopping sites have a different demand than offering a service on the internet. Not only the WordPress theme should be Google friendly. The website itself too. Make sure that you optimise the site in the field of SEO. With the Yoast SEO plugin, you make a good start. The premium Yoast plugin is standard if you order a professional website development with us. It is not pleasant for the visitor of your website if it takes a long time until the page appears on his screen. That's why Google checks whether sites have a fast loading time. There are many factors that affect the loading speed of a page. Your WordPress theme is one of them. All code and media that send the theme to the visitor will influence the loading time. So you want a WordPress theme that is efficient with that and only includes the things that matter. The genesis themes are well known for there fast loading time. Many functions are implemented to change the look at your desire. With Design Palette Pro you can even go further and make it all look professional.

Create a website - Wordpress Seo professional - Web pages development

WordPress is one of the best content management systems that you can use. The default settings ensure that search engines can effortlessly crawl through your posts, pages and categories. This does not mean that you do not have to do anything anymore. WordPress has a strong SEO base, but if you want to rank high in the search engines, you will have to actively engage with WordPress and search engine optimization. If you would seriously want to rank, you have to behave like a WordPress SEO professional. You will at least have to master the basics. Great help here is the FREE SEOquake. To install on any computer with any operating system. And the most important thing is that there is a plugin for every web browser. You will see an analysis of how your page does according to many fundamental SEO criteria. It displays how you score on the different points. Using green check marks, orange squares or red crosses. You can then use that analysis to tackle the worse aspects.

  • Create a website Think about what type of website you would like. What do you want to present or sell? Browse the net, find the website that matches your topic. Discover the site structure of your competitors. Learn from them before you buy or make a template.
  • WordPress Seo professional Make use of many free tools on the internet for your basic knowledge. Do not be distracted by programs and tools that want to make clear that they have the experience how to do it. Understand and think about the logic of seo, become the WordPress SEO professional of your website.
  • Web pages development These tips ensure that your website will be optimized for search engines. However, investing time and energy in search engine optimization is not the only thing that matters. Search engines are becoming more sophisticated and can increasingly determine the quality of a internet site. A popular slogan in the SEO world is, therefore content is king. As your site is perfect optimized for search engines, and your content is not of good quality, you will lose it from a domein that contains good content. Write texts that are useful and entertaining for the reader. Do not copy texts from others, and publish new articles on a regular basis. Google has a special nose for that!

Create a website - Wordpress Seo professional - Web pages development

Developing websites is one of our main specialities. The number of possibilities is enormous. From adopting or updating an existing website, to developing a complete E-commerce site. In the development, user experience, speed and findability are of most importance. In the development of your website, we guide you throughout the entire process, from web hosting to the findability of the site. Before we start developing a webpage or internet site, we look together with you at the purpose of the website. The difference is big between a small presentation website that does not have to be renewed with great regularity and an online webshop with current stock. We think along and give advice based on more than 15 years of experience. If you want to develop the entire site yourself, but you just need some help, ask a SEO professional. We are ready for you. With a small monthly subscription you can ask all the questions you need to have a positive end result. We help you online via a vpn connection if necessary. Create a website with us of let us do the job professional for you. Web pages development is not something what you do over night.