Freelance website designer - SEO Wordpress website design Algarve. If you like to have the best freelancer website with WordPress Seo, we keep moving forward. Having new doors and doing new things. We are curious and curiosity continues to lead us to new ideas for web page design with fast loading web pages.

Have you created a website with a high score on PageSpeed ​​Insights from Google? A beautiful web design with tricks to attract the attention of the visitor. Found organic search on the first page of Google. When viewing and reading your web page, press the action button with enthusiasm. As a freelance website expert, I did!

Make the most of your site, and rate the presentation quickly.

  1. Questions about SEO / webdesign
  2. live examples with wordpress
  3. Access to the SEO en SEM forum
  4. Response less than 12 H
€20 per month
€15 per hour
  1. Or price on project basis
  2. Webdesign totaal dedicated
  3. WordPress Seo Ranking
  4. WordPress AMP Development
  1. One landing and one contact page
  2. A youtube video
  3. Front Page Optimized for SEO
  4. Website layout as you choose

Get great things with hiring a freelancer designer Seo WordPress. The sky is the limit and the internet has its borders!

In addition, affiliate marketing is a part of my life. Lots of things are happening in that area. Google has changed its rules this year and we have to consider new strategies. Some definitions were old, from a distant past. Many years ago they did not have more importance. They are back like they have never been. Read a web page as a book is a modern technology now. Seo WordPress optimisation is a profession that changes annually.

A charming and attractive site to offer your property for rent. Give your business an extra boost. However, you are not visible on the internet? Google has created different rules for this. Google indexes a webpage according to different procedures. They are more or less “secret.” Through years of experience and building many web pages, the rules become known. Asking questions to Google also provides a lot of information. Of course, exchanging data with SEM (search engine marketing) and SEA (search engine advertising) is always a pleasant encounter.

seo search engine optimisation wordpress

  • Freelance Website Specialist

    Many Web page designers are linked to permanent or business-nominated customers. Of course, they are experts in depth. However, often without variation. My travels bring creativity. Many different types of websites come from my screen. Simple for a restaurant and rental real estate, more depth for e-commerce and challenging websites with lots of functionality. The same basic rules apply to all types. Attractive, visible on Google and speed. All this is possible with WordPress.

  • Seo WordPress optimisation

    Not visible on Google corresponds to NOT having a website. Of course you can send visitors via Facebook or Google Adwords to your website. The annual budget for this is often huge. And no Google page rankings without a budget! WordPress Search Engine Optimisation is pretty simple on the basis. Your web page must comply with the technical rules used by Google. Keywords (the words you want to find organically on Google) depend on the subject you would like to develop your activities in. Many years ago I met a man, his name is Jeroen Smid from Silverwood Advisors.

    It has brought my knowledge about WordPress SEO optimisation to a higher level.
    I had already acquired my basic knowledge about search engine optimisation during my long career and tried and developed a lot. Many trips through courses, parallel jobs and serious positions in Switzerland, Portugal and Holland. I have followed numerous ICT courses and meanwhile I have worked as a specialist in the field of SEO for growing companies.

  • Web page design in the Algarve

    I do not like default. I usually do not work with fixed web templates. I have the software to create a web page uniquely designed for almost everyone. Fully in line with desires, without limitations.

    The advantage of own projects is in the control of SEO, but also especially in the speed of the page. I can proudly say that all the sites I do reach a score of 94% to 100% Google’s PageSpeed Insights 

Freelance website designer - SEO Wordpress website design Algarve

Basic web design is a frontpage and a contact page. The web pages will be search engine optimised. The layout is entirely your own choice and of course I’ll help you with that. For 55 euros per year, I can register and organize a default domain for you. Do you want extra speed and expect lots of visitors? For 28 euros per month, I can organize a domain on my ultrafast cloud server. Guaranteed Insights from Google PageSpeed ​​95%.

For 20 euros per month, you can become a member of our forums group. Here you can ask all questions about Internet servers and web pages. You will receive a response from me within 12H. Often, other members give you an answer. There is a lot of experience! Issues that are technically difficult or have a broad base of support. I make live examples for which we cover by videoconference.

If you have a website, but would you like to rank it better on Google? Alternatively, it is your technical difficulties. For 15 euros per hour, you have all my attention and knowledge for every problem. Of course, the price can also be agreed upon on a project basis.

Freelance website designer - SEO Wordpress website design Algarve

Last word from me. Algarve web page design? Portugal Algarve is my daily vision. 300 days a year working out with the sun and the wind, but also the shadow around me. Although I have a permanent place, I travel a lot to inspire myself, but also simply because it is good to do so. I have internet everywhere.

Freelance website designer - SEO Wordpress website design Algarve